“My View” – a poem by Ruth Krinsky

Let others moan and complain
Of growing older and its pain
The slowing down of joint and limb
Sight and hearing growing dim.

But I choose instead another page
The coming of a brand new age.
So give a loud and clear “Three Cheers”
For the arrival of the “Golden Years”.

So let me sing and celebrate –
If I feel like it, I can sleep late
If I want, I can stay up ’til dawn,
And never worry that in the morn,
I must rush to dress, grab coffee on the way.
Instead I linger, at my leisure, coffee starting my day.

I’ve got time to read a book,
Stop and enjoy a babbling brook,
Gaze up at beautiful blue skies,
And watch the sun slowly rise.
Take time to chat with a neighbor or friend,
Fix a blouse I didn’t have time to mend.
Take a nap if I so choose (I don’t waste time that way, I’d visit a library or see a play)
Turn on the radio to hear the news.
Visit a center, see what’s on the agenda,
Current events, music, jewelry making or other mind-bender.

The choice is ours, we’ve earned it all.
Let’s enjoy our Golden Years – have a ball!