Serving the Jewish elderly on the Lower East Side

Our Story

image1Project Ezra is a nonprofit organization that works with the frail Jewish elderly to live with dignity, companionship and community on NYC’s Lower East Side. Founded in 1972, we provide hundreds of elders with a variety of services and activities to reduce their social isolation and to enhance their lives. 

We were founded to bring light and joy into seniors’ lives by following the principle of tikkun olam and the Psalm: “Do not forsake us in our old age; as our strength seeps away, do not abandon us.”

Today, over four decades after our founding, the need for our work is more acute than ever. Project Ezra currently serves over 300 elderly who are economically, physically or psychologically marginalized and as longevity increases, so do the needs of the elderly population we serve. 


Meet Our Board

Justine FisherAlan J. GersonHarriet KohnGeraldine E. MurphyRina K. PiankoSheila RubinChana SilbersteinSharon SilverJoan SokotchJaclyn SteinbachRon Wegsman

Some of our important work

Our Programs

Social Work
Russian-Speaking Population
Jewish Peoplehood
Daily Groups
ARSP Volunteers